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Steve NolanSTEVE NOLAN did his undergraduate work at the University of Miami in English and Psychology and his Masters at Barry University, in clinical social work, also in Miami, Florida. He is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who spent twenty-five years as a therapist and thirty years in the military, ending his career as the Chief of Combat Stress for Paktika Province in Afghanistan. He ran a PTSD clinic for the VA for five years before moving to Newtown, Pennsylvania, two years ago. His work has been published in: Passages North, U.S. 1 Worksheets, The Florida Review, Woodrider, The Devil’s Millhopper Press, Gypsy (Amnesty International Edition), Schuylkill Valley Journal and others. His poems were featured on Morning Edition, National Public Radio, 24 September, 2007 upon his return from Afghanistan in a story called, "Mother, Son Share War Experiences."
Read about his new book of poetry, A Palace of Ruins and his previous collection, Base Camp

NJ DeVicoNJ DEVICO (1956-2018) always admired the color field painters—Mark Rothko, Richard Diebenkorn, Hans Hofmann—but was afraid if she attempted to paint like them, people might say, "My five year old can do that." She learned something about color and composition by doing landscapes for years, but after her bone marrow transplant, she figured, what's a few insults compared to almost dying? At that point, the transition to abstract art was pretty easy. She considers herself lucky that the artwork titles pop into her head when she’s not even paying attention. And, as one abstract painter put it, "How am I supposed to know what it's going to look like before I start?" Generally when she sits down to work, she goes into a trance and before she knows it, there's her picture.

Read about their new book, Go Deep; Poetry by Steve Nolan, Pastels by NJ DeVico.

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