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Alan Grayson was born in the East End of London and moved to the United States in 1952. He transcribed music for Bob Dylan, was a musical assistant to Dave Brubeck, and taught at the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music. He spent years composing music, writing fiction, and investigating the universe.

Ragged Sky regrets to report that Alan Grayson died December 29, 2008. He was 78 years old.


Mile End

"If you can afford to have your heart torn out while at the same time falling off your chair with laughter, read Mile End"
--Susan English, author of The Tenuous Line

"A cast of characters more outrageous and wonderful than can possibly be imagined. Alan Grayson orchestrates his prose with excruciating crescendos and merciful resolutions."
--Jinny Baeckler, author of Sparkle

Zachary Grossman doesn't always know what to make of the brutality of his father, the bombing of London, or the ways of women, so he spiritedly turns to the night sky for answers. As the central character of Mile End, Zachary is caught between bumbling self-consciousness and brilliant insight. His story, a mixture of raucous family life and historic inevitabilities, makes for a complex and entertaining novel.

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