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About Harvey Steinberg...

Harvey Steinberg has been nothing if not busily eclectic. The selection of poems in this book is meant to reflect that temperament. Now 88, he previously satisfied that disposition as National Vice-President of an AFL-CIO industrial union; as Deputy Director of an esteemed urban revitalization program and Executive Director of its Economic Development arm; in politics, as an Assembly District Leader in New York City; and in civic affairs as environmental advocate in New Jersey. In later years he performed freelance journalism alongside his wife Marcia and served as co-founder of a large arts organization in central New Jersey. He has taught in several disciplines, including writing and literature, at colleges and universities in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. His practice of poetry and the visual arts began in early youth, with huge gaps over the course of his life. He holds a B.A. from the City University of New York, where he was editor of the college literary/art magazine, a J.D. from Brooklyn Law School, and has graduate training in several disciplines. He lives in Lawrenceville, New Jersey, with Marcia, a sociologist, and has immediate family in Virginia and Boston. Raised partly in the Catskills and mostly in an old working-class section of Brooklyn, he gives thanks to his father who asked his adolescent son the shattering question, “Harvey, would you want everyone to be like you?”

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